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Chennai Saunf

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Beetroot Chips Masala

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prateek arora

"The Jelly Jelly is pure bliss in every bite! These colorful and chewy treats are bursting with fruity Flavors that bring back childhood nostalgia. Each jelly is perfectly soft and addictive, making it hard to resist reaching for more. Whether you're a candy lover or need a sweet pick-me-up, these jellies are an absolute delight."


Shristi Bhardwaj

“The Kacha Aam Candy is a delightful treat for mango lovers. Its tangy and sweet flavour captures the essence of fresh green mangoes. Overall, it's a tasty snack that brings back childhood memories of enjoying raw mangoes.”


Rahul shah

“Chatpati Imli is a delightful treat for the taste buds. Its tangy and sweet flavor combination is truly addictive. The tamarind-based candy delivers a burst of flavors with each bite. It's a great snack for those who enjoy a tangy twist.”


Preeti Sindhwani

“The Shadani Candy is a delightful treat that satisfies my sweet tooth. The assortment of flavors is impressive, with its wide range. The candies have a nice texture and are not overly sticky. Nonetheless, it's a tasty indulgence worth trying.”


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