Taking a look at one of the trusted flavored candy, flavored saunf and digestive products manufacturer in India

flavored candy, flavored saunf and digestive products manufacturer in India

Candies and chocolates are like excelsior for people with a sweet tooth. There is a majority of people across the globe who love to eat sweets and candies on a regular basis. Shadani Offers a great choice of candy at wholesale prices. Take advantage of these low prices to get all your favorite candies.

India is full of the natural herb, Mostly Indians still believe in Natural. Shadani offers all natural products.

1) Flavored Candies

Orange Candy, Chatpati Candy, Mix Fruit Candy, Paan Candy, Mango Candy, Lemon Candy, Black Currant Candy, Litchi Candy, Kacha Aam Candy, Fruit Jelly Candy, Mango Bite Candy, Imli Bite Candy, Jelly Jelly Candy, Sweet Amla Candy, Fruit Ball’s Candy, Sweet Mango Bite

2) Flavored Saunf

Shahi Mix Saunf, Madrasi Saunf, Roasted Special Saunf, Plain Mix Saunf, Chennai Saunf, Paan Mix Saunf, Sugar Coated Saunf, Plain Barik Saunf, Roasted Alsi.

3) Digestive Products

Anardana Goli, Khatta Meetha Aam Pak, Ram Ladoo, Imli Boota, Hing Peda, Chatpata Amla, Ajwain Pachak, Chatpati Imli, Sweet Imli, Kala Khatta

Huge Candy Wholesalers

Thousands of wholesale candies offer low prices and fast shipping, but Shadani gives a simple and easy platform where you just need one click and buy your favorite candies on our site.

At the Online Candy Store, Our goal is to bring our customers the best choice of high-quality products.

Purchase Candy Online at Affordable Prices

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